Where’s my Tivo for Life?

Those of you that have Tivo know that when you watch TV without one, it just seems wrong. Your thumb twitches, you pine for rewind and pause, and you just generally realize that TV is broken without Tivo.

Don’t you wish you had one for life?

Life goes on, no pause feature, and while that’s a good thing, it does make us prioritize things. I’m certainly not going to complain — my dog is doing well after a scare, I got to head out to the World Baseball Classic last week, and the Team Health Reports are done at BP. What isn’t done is my plan, but it hasn’t gone by the wayside.

While I haven’t been in the gym as heavy as I like, putting me slightly behind plan on that, the diet is still in effect and I only had one small conscious lapse — In-N-Out Burger. Hey, I was in Anaheim, I had to do it. It’s okay to blow out a diet now and again, you just have to pay for it later. Right now, I’m still down 22 lbs, WAY ahead of where I thought/hoped I’d be. I even had to buy new jeans and even those are loose (the next size down was a bit tight and I’m not a fiscal optimist.)

One of the neatest side effects of the workout came up in Anaheim. While waiting on the van to the airport, I literally ran back inside to use the restroom, then ran back. As I sat down — of course the van came while I was gone — I realized I wasn’t out of breath, my knees didn’t ache, and a smile came to my face.

I’ll get my measurements up for next month — doesn’t make sense to do it now. Life intervenes, but staying on plan means that not only is the plan working, it’s becoming life itself.

(Next time – more on supplements, pink drinks, Jamba Juice, and cardio.)

One comment

  1. Arielle

    I read your “About” page, and it says you are a sports writer.
    I’m 16 and I really want to be a sports writer. I started a blog here and have taken journalism courses at school as well as writing and editing for the school paper. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on things I could try or people I could contact to get more experience or discover new opportunities. (I am NOT, however, willing to try steroids. 🙂

    Anything you have to say would be great.

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