First, I want to congratulate MLBlogs on a great first year. I’ve read hundreds of blogs and blog posts here and am constantly intrigued by the takes. It wasn’t that long ago that I was "just" a fan, the guy who thought about calling in to talk radio and wish his voice could be heard. Now, with MLBlogs, anyone can and as with most things, the cream rises to the top. Blogging isn’t easy — everyone has an opinion, but not everyone can express it and fewer still can hold things together long enough to build up to the feedback we all want, whether that’s comments, kudos, or a job sitting in the pressbox.

Second, I want to wish my grandmother a happy birthday. Almost all of what I do, here or anywhere, is because of her love and support.

Finally, I’ll be back with more frequent updates soon. The hardest part about blogging is also the hardest part about my current project. It’s hard to do day in and day out. Travel, illness, and the vagaries of life have gotten in the way, but things are looking to normalize soon. I promise, I’ll have more for you to read about and discuss soon.

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