What’s He Doing

I’m going to split out "what’s he doing" and "what’s he taking" because these are very different, yet important issues. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve started with a simple workout designed by Mark Verstegen of Athletes Performance. His book, Core Performance, is awesome and Mark’s a great motivator as well. His list of athletes is extensive but most tellingly, Brandon Wood is one of his products. Wood looks more like the batboy than a slugger, but 100 XBH’s in the minors last year has him ranked really high on most prospect lists. Much of that comes from his work with Mark.

I’m using the intermediate level of Mark’s Stability Ball program. It’s easy, quick, and doesn’t leave me sore at the start. Will it get me where I want to go? Not by itself, but it’s a darn good start. When I get on the road more this year, being able to have something that’s quick, easy, and effective will become even more important. You can check out GoFit’s website for more details. The equipment is under $50, also a nice thing.

I’m doing 20 minute stints on the elliptical for cardio. It’s boring, but I’m pushing to do two sets at the minimum. It’s again, something. The elliptical keeps the beating off my bad hip and worse knees. Once the weather gets warmer, I’m hoping to get more biking in. As a kid, I rode my yellow Free Spirit everywhere and it’s probably what kept me in shape … besides playing football, baseball, basketball (tho I was terrible), wrestling, track, aikido, and chasing girls. (Yeah, that’s a sport too, at least the way I did it!)

It’d be easy to sit here in my new Steelcase Leap Chair and not fight for the goals I’ve set, but this is a decision. No other possibilities exist now. It’s only a matter of when do I hit the goals and how far will I exceed them. I’ll be headed to The Training Station, a local gym for some work with their weights and trainers on Monday. I’m a bit ahead of schedule for the weights, but I’m chomping at the bit to start seeing more results.

I’ve been eating very sensibly, with very little snacking. I even followed that Jared guy’s advice and did a 6-inch low-fat sub today for lunch. He’s from around here … if he weren’t so annoying in the commercials, maybe I’d get him to give some suggestions.

Lots of interest from companies and such in getting involved in the process, so you’ll likely see more info on what I’m using and the honest opinion of how they work. I’ll  have more on what I stopped taking yesterday in the next post. (If you’re a fitness or supplement company and are interested in helping, contact me.)

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