Learn Something New

As I rest my arms on the desk to type — yes, I’m powerfully sore from two heavy workouts this week — I wanted to share something with you that I learned. Justin Alexander, the editor of Mind & Muscle (where I’ve written in the past), kindly answered a question I have.

"Can I mix my various supplement powders together?"

The answer from Justin is yes. So the four separate things that I drink (Amino Vital, whey protein isolate, and two new ones — Creatine ester and Leptigen) could be mixed together. The problem is that the tastes might not go well together. Vanilla, two fruit punch, and lemon doesn’t sound like a tasty treat.

Honestly, the powders and pills are one of the hardest parts of this. I hate chalky powder drinks and some of these have a decent taste and others have a tinge of dried vomit to them. It’s the results I want, not the taste. If I want taste, I’ll try a nice cup of Starbucks Gold Coast.

A quick update on weight: I’m actually up a pound. I wish I could say it was lean muscle being added, but it’s water weight. I’m drinking FAR more water than I normally do, which is probably a good thing in the long run.

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