Reacting/Next Step

I’m happy with the reaction to the new blog and to the concept. It’s funny — writer Aaron Gleeman is starting a weight loss plan himself, though not quite as dramatic as mine. Hopefully, we’ll both have good luck.

So what’s the next step? Why did I skip the raspberry cheesecake last night at the 300 Club? Because the next step is small steps. I’m trying to eat smarter – smaller portions, leaving some on the plate, no snacks or fast food – while I do the research for the bigger plan. Adding in some exercise and keeping a focus going is where I’m headed now.

I did get some good information this weekend, talking with a couple MLB strength and conditioning guys. I’ll be following up with that soon and figuring out how to set both the baseline I’m working from and the goals. I think I’m going to try and use the PECOTA system to help me find a player to try and end up like. I think Brian Giles is the most likely right now – power hitter (until PETCO), about my height, and from what I can tell, he’s in great shape.

As always, this is an interactive process, so be sure to post your comments and suggestions.

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    Speaking as a non-chef in a family of chefs, I think that eating smart and excercising is the only way to go. Fads like South Beach and that sort of **** will eventually prove to be the ‘roids of the fad diet world. Avoid processed foods, most of all anything with high fructose corn syrup. Natural and organically produced foods will do far more for anyone in the long run than any other eating regimine. Ultimately, this is a lifestyle choice as opposed to a programme. Once people embrace this as a way of eating, it becomes a positive routine throughout life, rather than something requiring dogmatic adherence to percentages of carbs, special meals, etc.

    BTW, as a long time fan of your baseball work elsewhere, this site promises to be most interesting. Keep up the good work.

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