So Where You Been?

Sure, this blog/serial might be just starting, but some people are already asking me what the next step is and why there’s been a delay between this post and the last. I haven’t been idle … and that’s the problem.

Last weekend, I was attending a function with an MLB team and it essentially killed all my writing and research over four days. That’s not to say I didn’t learn a lot — and I was careful to watch my portions, even skipping the raspberry cheesecake that looked delicious — but blogging was backburnered.

Over the last week, I’ve been talking with a couple fitness and supplement companies about using their products. The holdup there? Product placement and assurances that I would "speak positively" as one rep put it. Product placement is fine — I’ll be glad to tell you what I’m doing and what works, but I’m not going to sell my objectivity. If something works, great. I’ll say so. If not, well, I’ll say that too.

I’ve also been doing the research on how to effectively measure my results. I can step on a scale, take body measurements, take pictures, but what’s the goal?

Brian Giles.

He’s six months younger than me and an inch shorter, but he’s close enough for my purposes. Even better, the guy is in great shape and has been considered a power hitter during his career. Heck, I even met him back in Pittsburgh during my first journalistic trip to a ballpark. I talked with Kent Biggerstaff, the longtime Bucs trainer, since fired and clearly remember two things.

1. Kris Benson had a giant scar on his elbow and was just ready to come back from his Tommy John. My talk with him may be the last interview where no one asked about his wife.

2. Brian Giles walked into the clubhouse with a box of "team t-shirts." Teams often print these up, the most famous recent example being the Red Sox "Cowboy Up" shirts. Giles showed off the shirt he was wearing and it said …. umm, I don’t think you can say that word on MLBlogs. Let’s just say it was a homonym for the last name of the Braves manager. I have NO idea what it meant and honestly, I had no intention of asking.

Giles has long been a colorful character and I like colorful characters. But it’s not his character I want — it’s his guns. Brian Giles is a major league star with power and has never tested positive for steroids. It’s been his job to get in shape and play ball for the last decade. I just have a year.

I’m hoping to get Giles’ stats – arm, chest, leg size, body fat percentage – so I’ll know what I’m dealing with. In the meantime, I’m watching my portions, drinking water, and getting ready to crack the box on Mark Verstegen’s latest product. I’ll keep you updated.

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