First Weigh-In

I know I said I wouldn’t start officially until February 1, but the response here got me excited and …

… well first, I want to say that weight is a really bad measure of progress. If I lost fat and gained muscle, my weight would increase, but that’s hardly failure. In this program where I’ll be both reducing weight and fat while trying to put on lean muscle, weight is going to fluctuate more than a simple take-off-the-pounds diet.

I’m scheduled to have my measurements taken and get a very accurate body composition  measurement in a couple weeks, so that will be better progress. Still, it’s easy to stand on the scale and say ..

… I’ve lost nine pounds. That’s a good start, but actually more than I expected. Light cardio work, change in eating habits, no beer or fast food, and some minor supplementation have shown quick results. I’m focused on hydration so this *isn’t* strictly a water loss, though it’s a bit fast to say it’s fat. I’m expecting a slower week this week as the cardio gets a little heavier and I start changing the diet a little bit to get some more fat-burn going.

I’m working on some interviews of top professionals in the fitness and supplement fields over the next few weeks, so be sure to check back regularly.

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