Checking In

I’m a bit behind on where I’d hoped to be. Weigh in for the official start is coming up this week, rather than Feb 1, and I’m still working on getting a couple things I need — someplace to work out, an initial workout plan, and info on Brian Giles. I’m trading phone calls with his agent, who understandably thinks I’m a stalker at this point, but there’s hope. Don’t worry — this little experiment is still ongoing, so be sure to check back.

While I’m waiting, I hope some of you will share your ideas. I’ve gotten a lot of great emails, including some very inspirational stories about weight loss and how getting healthy changed lives. If you’d rather be anonymous, email me ( and I’ll post it for you. This is a group project, even if I’m the experiment!

One comment

  1. Bob

    well, I have officially made the plunge, signed up at the fitness center where I work and am ready to go. A little more motivation is the bet I have with the other managers. $20 each from the four of us in the pot….the first to make it to 20 pounds wins.

    starting tomarrow, it’s on.


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