You Can Even Skip a Day!

I forget what deodorant it was the purported to be so strong that you could skip a day. Please, don’t. But sometimes life gets in the way of a workout. This week, while getting flamed by the Chicago media, I dealt with a bit too much to make it in on Monday. The diet didn’t change, I didn’t backslide, and I was doing my core workouts including some extra ab work.

That left me with Wednesday’s double workout. Yes, double. Doug let me know that it was reasonable to double the workout since I wasn’t working the same muscle group – one was pushing, one was pulling – but that it would hurt. I can deal with some pain and I certainly had some aggression to get out. The workout went well, up to the point of the dumbbell curls, where I was simply out of gas. The double had robbed me, so it’s something I’ll revisit when I head in on Friday. Biceps are going to be a big challenge.

The key has been sensible eating, consistent workouts, and smart supplementation. I’m not losing a significant amount of weight — still dealing with some creatine bloat and increased water intake — but the jeans that had gotten slightly tight around the hips slid off last night without unbuttoning or unzipping.

It’s not advisable to skip a day, but it’s not the end either. Too many people get defeatist if they’re not following their program to the letter, if their results slide behind their goals, or if they get discouraged or distracted. Something’s better than nothing in almost every case. It’s not time to get defeatest or desperate in the first month of a year of living chemically.



    I always feel bad about myself if I miss a day, but sometimes it’s reality and probably not a big deal in the long run.

    Are your energy levels higher with less, yet more sensible food choices? Is the creatine still kicking in on those extra sets? Keep up the good work, both reporting and working out

  2. Will

    My energy levels are a bit higher, I think, tho it’s hard to tell if that’s just perception. I do FEEL better and that’s what really counts. I walked around Indy all weekend and didn’t get tired.

    The creatine helps, actually more with soreness than with sets. I really killed myself with the “double up” on arms, but wasn’t as sore as I expected.

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