I spent the weekend at the NFL Combine, watching coaches, players, and agents go through the interesting process. Guys incessantly talked about losing weight, gaining weight, or even holding weight, reminding me that my quest to watch my weight was hardly singular. Weight is a major component of sport. I heard a tale from a former NFL center about summer practice where he went from 260 to 237! That’s insane (and it’s small comfort that this was pre-Stringer NFL.)

Tests, MRIs, interviews, sprints, weights, and measurements are all just a small part of what goes into figuring out if this player is going to become an NFL player. It’s an interesting process, one I was happy to hang out and see with my colleage Aaron Schatz. I also got to have coffee with Peter King, a highlight. People would be surprised to know just what a big baseball fan he is!

I also got to meet up with Pete Williams for the first time. Pete is a co-author of Core Performance and at his book signing, a couple guys from Athletes Performance stopped by. They mentioned that some of the guys at API were following my quest, so it was interesting to hear that the very people that help me do this are watching the process. I’m hoping to get out to API in Tempe or LA sometime this winter to put the "finishing touches" on this transformation.

The weekend and the week’s media attention kept pushing workouts back. I missed Friday’s workout and will be forced to "double up" tomorrow morning, but I’ve done my core work. What I need is a set of dumbbells … anyone at Bowflex or Powerblocks want to set me up with those sweet quick-switch weights?

Nearing the end of the month when we’ll remeasure and reweigh, but the results so far are good. The first month of living chemically will likely be a big success.

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